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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is brake pad ?

    Brake pad is a disc brake component used in automotive and other fields. Brake pads convert car kinetic energy into thermal energy by friction. The brake pad is located between the brake caliper and the disc.

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  • How does the brake system work?

    When the driver depresses the brake pedal, pressurized hydraulic comes from the center cylinder. It wipes into the cylinder by wiping it into the hydraulic caliper. It applies a thrust force to the internal hydraulic pistons, which force the pistons to open. The opened pistons push the shoes and the linings on them towards the disc, causing frequen

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  • What is ABS Brake System?

    ABS braking system has become compulsory in recent years within the scope of European Union harmonization laws. Anti-lock Braking System, Anti-lock braking system in Turkish; invented to prevent hydraulic brakes from locking the vehicle wheels. The ABS system turns any wheel less than others, or engages when it does not; It prevents the vehicle fro

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  • What is ASR Brake System?

    ASR stands for anti-skid system and prevents the car from skidding in sudden reactions. For example; When you put excessive force on the accelerator, your car started to skid. Meanwhile, the ASR system comes into play and stops the spinning wheel with ABS.

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  • What is Secondary Collision Brake?

    It is a brake system frequently encountered in Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen vehicles, which are the brands of Volkswagen Group. The system helps to reduce your speed to 10 kilometers per hour if your vehicle continues to move immediately after the accident with your vehicle. The underlying idea of ​​the secondary crash brake technology is to prevent

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  • What is brake disk ?

    Disc brake is a type of brake that provides braking by tightening the disc between caliper and pads. The first disc brake car was Crosley Hot Shot in 1949, and the first disc brake car in series was the Citroën DS, launched in 1955.

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